The adventure of oil starts as it is just a crude oil . The crude oil,which is gotten from  oil -rich seeds as result of applied process of breaking, pressing and extraction,contains triglycerides, phospholipids, unsaponifiable materials, colourful materials, free oil acids, mono peroxides, ize metals, conjugate oil acids, pesticides, proteins,aldehydes, trance oil acids hdyrocarbon , polymers, cholorophyll, vitamins, sterols, mono and diglycerides and other decomposition products gotten of natural compounds.

The quantity of impurities cased in crude oil and kinds of those impurities vary according to the climatic conditions  where vegetables  are grown along with soil type, storage conditions and treatment technology. A carefully removal of these impurities is a must so that these oils may be served for people in a health-friendly way whereby these  oils have the property that is  suitable for consumption.This is done for the refinement of oils. This removal should be executed  without harming not only the triglyceride structure of oil but also the structure of impurity which hinders the consumption.Also while executing this refinement process, natural tocopherols, which are the Pioneer molecules that antioxidan E vitamins synthesised, should not be harmed. There is triglyceride with a ratio of at least 98 percantege in most of the refined oils.This molecules is made of the combination of three oil molecules (R1,R2,R3) with glycerol.Various oil acids lead to the formation of different triglycerides and a change in the chemical properties of  those triglycerides.

On  the other hand , other kinds of oil have their own triglyceride distribution and structure.Vegatable oils offers difference thanks to the compounds included concerning their properties.Vegatables oils are important foodstuffs.They are sources of nutrituon.They hit the first and the most ratio in terms of energy supplaying  among there basic foodstuffs.(carbohydrates, proteins and fats)

Oils are among our indispensable foodstuff with their property to carry the vitamins that can dissolve in oil.They also contain  some essential molecules which cannot be synthesised in human body.Oils not only flavours foodstuff  but also are used in farinaceaus and floury products multifunctionally.Oils are used as a medium of heating and preserving foods as well as how much they are important in terms of their nurition values and health-friendly characteristics.The refinement process in oils is executed  in two methods , thats is to say ,chemical and physical one . While there are the phases of removal of phospholipids(degumming ) , removel of odour (deodorization) in chemical refinement,The phases of neutralization  and deodorization  are applied together as the last step following degumming , bleaching and winterization in physical refinement.

The vegetable oils which have been produced with the brands of NAT. dcR and KISMET under the umbrella of NADİR  oils Industry Limited Company follows the processes below in refinement plants. Refinement is executed in continual systems without any  kind of hend-touch. Any phase in refinement assigns the process technique and equipments with important properties . Nadir Oils is able to meet all product demands through applying specific business management strategies by means of the sufficiency of its equipments and its technical information of Know-How as well.In addition , The conformation of the firm with TS-EN_ISO 9000 System Standarts of Quality Management and the integration efforts of Quality Guarantee System wiht Production Process have provided the optimum control over production .

The continuity of final product quality has also been ensured thanks to the analysis made in our EN-ISO 54001 certified accredited laboratuaries  in every phases. Everything in the plants of Nadir Vegetable Cooking-oils is desingned  for a flawless and exellent production and keeping the continuity  of this flawless production.How we care about the  good health of people and  honesty are our foremost and most important principle .